So You’ve Been Diagnosed with Cancer.. What Should You Do About Your Health Insurance?

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With a cancer diagnosis, it’s vital to ensure your health insurance plan remains active and can cover your necessary treatments.

As an adult receiving a cancer diagnosis, health insurance may be the least of your worries. You may have found yourself wondering about your long-term prognosis, how your family will be affected, and whether you can afford treatment. With Malden Solutions, we want to emphasize that it’s vital to ensure your health insurance plan remains active and can cover your necessary cancer treatments, including radiology and chemotherapy as needed. Keeping your health insurance active and without any lapses in coverage can ensure that you receive the treatments you need without breaking the bank. 

Ensure Your Health Insurance is Active

No matter what, do not let your health insurance coverage lapse. A lapse in coverage can potentially result in costly financial damage to yourself and your family, delay treatments, and even risk your overall health. With a new cancer diagnosis, you’ll want to ensure that you’re paying your premiums on time every month and in full. If you accidentally lose your coverage due to not paying your premiums in full, it can be challenging to enroll in a timely manner to ensure you receive your treatment when you need it. 

Send Appropriate Bills to Your Insurance As You Receive Them

It’s appropriate to send bills that you aren’t responsible for to your insurance company in some instances. By forwarding your bills to your insurance company that they’re meant to pay, you can get the most out of your health insurance plan without having to dig into your own pockets. If you need help with tracking your medical bills, seek out a trusted family member or the American Cancer Society for any additional financial advice regarding your cancer treatment and being out of work

Medical Treatments and Prior Authorization 

You’ll always want to contact your health insurance provider to ensure that any medical treatments you may receive do not need prior authorization and are fully covered by your health insurance plan. In doing so, you can limit your financial burden and any unexpected health expenses. Your medical treatments shouldn’t break the bank — and they don’t need to when you’ve got a trusted health insurance company on your side. Malden Solutions can help. 

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