Malden Solutions offers comprehensive insurance solutions to take your business to the next level.

Individuals & Families, Business Owners, Brokers, Careers


From plan design to platform management, our team is here to help you offer a dynamic employee benefits package.

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Individuals & Families, Business Owners, Brokers, Careers

HR & Tax Consulting

Over $20 million was returned to our clients from the federal government in 2022. Are you sure you are taking advantage of every federal incentive out there right now?

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Individuals & Families, Business Owners, Brokers, Careers

Employee Placement

Finding employees has never been more challenging. Our recruiters can help you fill that open position in a cost effective and time sensitive manner.

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    We’ve relied on Josh’s team to assist us in building a benefit package that we can be proud of but also afford. We know we are in good hands for our Major Medical, Supplemental Coverage, and our Business Insurance. Read more »

    – Roswell Bowersett, Jr., DVM MPH, Four Corners Animal Hospital

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    I've never seen service like this. You gathered all the paperwork, visited my dentist, filed the claims, handled the correspondence, and had a check hand delivered to me....and all this from a policy where the first premium had yet to be submitted! Read more »

    – Linda deRidder, Pension Consultant

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    The experience we have had has been everything they assured me it would be in our first meeting. They have done the majority of the work, accommodated our hectic schedules, made the billing process simple, and most importantly made sure that our employees understood the new benefits we are now making available. Read more »

    – Monroe Zeffert, Zeffert and Gold Caterers

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    It is one thing to hear about how a policy works but it is an entirely different story to see the policy actually do what it claims it will do. The claims process was as simple as advertised and I received my checks so fast that I could not believe it. Read more »

    – Anthony Crofton, Titan Investigative Alliance, LLC

What Makes Us Different?

Unparalleled Experience

We have spent over 19 years cultivating and nurturing our relationships with insurance companies. As a result, all of our partners and clients benefit from our access to preferential underwriting and excellent policies. Whether you are a large employer seeking to attract and retain employees through a more appealing employee benefits package or a small family seeking a life insurance policy that offers greater peace of mind, we would love to help.

A Personalized Approach

Making an insurance claim can be a stressful process, whether you are doing so after a minor injury or a major illness. The team at Malden Solutions works to simplify the claims process and partners with carriers who provide fast, easy to understand claims processes so that you can focus on what is important while we help you to maintain your previous quality of life.

Direct-to-Carrier Agency

As a direct-to-carrier agency, Malden Solutions offers robust employee benefits packages without the middle man. We communicate directly with premier insurance companies and work on your behalf as both your insurance agent and your service provider. Your company will work hand in hand with the same knowledgeable, committed support team every year with Malden Solutions. You can concentrate on running your business while we concentrate on providing top-notch service to you and your employees.

Business People

Experience the Benefits of Having an Insurance Career

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Tax Preparation Management as a Small Business

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