Tax Credits

The E.R.C. (Employee Retention Credit)

Receive Up to $26K Per Employee

The ERC is a tax credit paid directly to your company from the US Treasury.

You May Qualify Even with PPP Loans

Having a PPP loan no longer disqualifies you from receiving ERC funds.

Myths & Questions

“We Already Applied and Didn’t Qualify.”

The qualifications recently changed. There are a number of new ways to qualify, and most employers are eligible.

“Is This a Loan I Need to Pay Back?”

The ERC is NOT a loan! Unlike the PPP, all the money you receive in credits is yours to spend!

Car Dealership – 150 Employees

“Thank you for taking the time to work with our CPA to go over the new rules. I can’t believe we went from being unable to qualify when we originally looked at this to being eligible for over 1.5 million dollars.”

Regional Grocery Store – 175 Employees

“Our business was dramatically impacted by COVID-19 but our Gross Receipts actually went up in 2021. We never would have known that we qualified if it wasn’t for your guidance.”

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