Workers Compensation Coverage: For Employees and Employers

workers compensation coverage

For established commercial companies, we highly recommended ensuring that your insurance plan incorporates worker’s compensation.

Malden Solutions is partnered with CoverWallet to help commercial businesses navigate the complex world of business insurance. For established commercial companies, we highly recommended ensuring that your insurance plan incorporates worker’s compensation. Workers’ compensation coverage protects employees from workplace injuries and your business in the event of a workplace injury. It is critical to have workers’ compensation when your company is established and hires its first employee. Worker’s compensation can cost between 1-3% of your entire payroll, which is highly beneficial and affordable from a legal perspective. 

Workers Compensation Coverage: What You Need to Know

Worker’s compensation coverage acts as a protective buffer to provide wage replacement and medical benefits to injured employees on the job. Worker’s compensation also includes disability benefits, death benefits, and funeral expenses. An investment in worker’s compensation can help protect a commercial business from being sued by an employee or employee’s family in the event of a workplace injury. Without worker’s compensation coverage, employees can sue a commercial business to recoup lost wages and medical costs from a workplace injury.

What Can Workers Compensation Cover?

By investing in worker’s compensation coverage, your company can rest assured that your employees are protected in the event of an unprecedented workplace injury. Worker’s compensation coverage provides financial assistance to employees’ medical bills, recoups lost wages, provides continuous care coverage for injured employees, and full funeral coverage if a workplace injury results in death. This coverage is not extended to employees injured outside of the workplace environment or with self-inflicted injuries, whether through intoxication or intentionally.

Filing Workers Compensation Claims

Filing a workers compensation claim in Maryland can be a difficult process to navigate, especially for an injured employee. These claims can even take years, in some instances, for business owners to resolve. This is why it’s essential for commercial businesses to provide insurance plans with full worker’s compensation coverage. This process can be incredibly costly from a legal standpoint, and it’s vital to protect your employees to protect your commercial business’s livelihood. 

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