Protecting Your Small Business with Business Insurance

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Malden Solutions is partnered with CoverWallet to help provide small businesses with business insurance options and recommendations.

You’ve been working hard the last few years to turn your retail or commercial dreams into a small business. You’ve penned out your business concept, invested in your products, and started to look for a space to lease to attract customers to your company. During this process, you’ve begun to explore potential ways to protect your small business from miscellaneous liabilities, property damage, and employee claims. Malden Solutions is partnered with CoverWallet to help provide small businesses with business insurance options and recommendations. Here’s what we recommend for business owners to protect their small businesses.

General Liability Business Insurance for Small Business Owners

You’ll want to invest in general liability insurance as a small business owner. General Liability insurance is the first type of policy that you should secure for your small business. This particular type of business insurance immediately protects your small business against liability claims — for example, a customer slipping inside of your retail store. With General Liability insurance, you can have peace of mind that your small business is protected against liability claims, bodily injury, medical costs, legal defense, and property damage. Malden Solutions’ partnership with CoverWallet can help ensure that you receive the best policy possible for your protection.

Cyber Liability Insurance to Secure Tech-Driven Attacks

Small businesses are not exempt from hackers attempting to breach your personal information and client transactions. As a small business owner, investing in Cyber Liability Insurance can help secure your small business from a broad range of tech-driven attacks, including credit card breaches and data theft. Your customers and employees can shop with the security that your small business is implementing protective measures to protect against any tech-driven attacks that may compromise their personal information.

Workers Compensation Coverage

Malden Solutions highly recommends worker’s compensation coverage to protect not only your small business, but your employees as well. Workers Compensation Coverage ensures that your company is protected from claims of bodily injury at work. This protection can cover lost wages, medical costs, and potentially save your small business from being directly sued for injuries that have occurred at work. If a lawsuit is brought forth, your company is financially covered with Workers Compensation Coverage. Contact Malden Solutions today for a consultation for all of your small business’s insurance needs!

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