Voluntary Benefits Can Benefit Your Small Business

As a small business, approaching your employees’ health insurance can feel like a daunting task to navigate while competing with larger corporations. With so many overhead expenses for small businesses to consider, it can be expensive to attempt to offer benefits for prospective and current employees that a larger corporation can. If you want to recruit and keep top-notch talent within your company pool, you don’t have to have more oversized pockets to do so. You can opt to offer voluntary benefits to current and prospective employees to seal the deal instead. 

voluntary benefits

You can opt to offer voluntary benefits to current and prospective employees in order to seal the deal instead.

What Are Voluntary Benefits?

Voluntary benefits can help bridge a gap between employer and employee’s financial burden for health insurance and medical cost coverage. Malden Solution offers a wide range of voluntary insurance offerings, including accident and critical indemnity insurance. Voluntary benefits are free for a small business to provide and can potentially open your company up to receive federal tax breaks. Malden Solutions also offers voluntary life insurance packages, which allows employees to select which packages they choose to opt-in for or whether they want to forgo coverage entirely. 

Why Opt for Voluntary Benefits?

Since voluntary benefits are entirely voluntary, your employees can hand-select which voluntary benefits they are interested in. This saves money for small businesses and their employees since employers don’t have to take on additional financing costs like a traditional insurance and benefits plan. In addition to this financial benefit, employees are solely opting for which health benefits they’d desire, providing them with control over their health insurance costs. 

Types of Voluntary Benefits Available

Malden Solutions offers an impressive catalog of voluntary benefits for small businesses and their employees to consider. Our voluntary benefits catalog includes but is not limited to accident insurance, hospital indemnity insurance, critical illness insurance, Whole Life insurance, telemedicine, identity theft, dental, vision, and even disability offerings. Reach out to Malden Solutions for a voluntary benefits consultation today!

Partner with Malden Solutions Today

Malden Solutions has a wealth of expertise in providing employer insurance solutions, HR solutions, and individual insurance solutions to businesses both big and small. Our team of seasoned professionals can help you navigate the rapidly-changing world of insurance with ease. We partner with businesses and individuals throughout the country to provide our dedicated services for employee benefits but also work within our surrounding communities in Maryland, Northern Virginia, and Washington, D.C. Contact us today to learn more about how we can provide effective, dynamic solutions for your business.  Stay connected with us on Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin.

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