How to Make a Wellness Plan with Enticing Employee Benefits

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Now that the business world has changed so much, building a wellness plan that incorporates employee benefits shows your company that you care about them.

Now that the business world has changed so much, building a wellness plan that incorporates employee benefits shows your company that you care about them. The pandemic may have you looking at how to keep your employees happy and healthy.

Types of Wellness

Even though most businesses have converted to remote or hybrid business models, in-person wellness is still an option as long as it is practiced safely. Some examples of in-person wellness options are:

  • Gym memberships
  • Restaurant coupons
  • Skating rink packages

Online wellness is usually conducted independently, but a company-wide group activity can be scheduled if there is a large interest. Some online options for wellness are:

  • Breathwork classes
  • Coupons for skill sites like SkillShare, Coursera, Masterclass, LinkedIn Learning, Udemy, and Khan Academy
  • Resources for social support

Invest In Your Future By Investing In Your Employees

Building an environment of support within your company is essential to keeping your retention rate high and promoting productivity. Approaching employee benefits from a wellness perspective allows you to invest in the well-being of your entire company. Similar to financial audits, your employees should be able to access resources that benefit them without spending a significant amount of their money. 

Group Events and Coupons

A wellness plan can provide a healthy outlet for your business. Wellness encompasses the whole person: the mental and the physical. Give your employees a choice on how they cope with stress. Plan an optional group activity like a yoga class or cooking class that uplifts your employees. Offer coupons to local restaurants or an activity people put requests in for. There are companies that provide taste-testing services for whiskey or tea. These companies will send out the products to the participants about a week ahead of time. Then everyone meets to discuss what they liked about the product tasting. It is important to offer activities that do not center on alcohol to be conscious of individuals that are in addiction recovery or are unable to drink recreationally. Non-drinking activities will allow your employees to learn healthier coping mechanisms as well. Your employees are all different, so including a diverse option of employee benefits will serve your company’s wellness the best. 

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