Keep Your Eyes Sharp with Vision Insurance

Providing your employees with vision insurance is an affordable benefit that can help offset the cost of keeping your employee’s eyes sharp.

Did you know that your employees are not provided with vision insurance under standard, major medical insurance plans? As an employer, providing your employees with vision insurance is an affordable benefit that can help offset the cost of keeping your employee’s eyes sharp. This is particularly beneficial for employees who spend copious amounts of time straining their eyes over computer screens, scanning documents, and inputting lengthy information into digital databases. Additionally, vision insurance protects employees who are at an increased risk of eye issues. By ensuring that your employees are adequately covered with vision insurance to receive reduced-cost eye exams and preventative care, you’ll ensure the continued success of daily operations within your company. 

Vision Insurance: What Employers Should Know

Providing vision insurance as a voluntary or definite benefit for your employees can help offset eye care expenses surrounding vision exams and preventative care. Your employees can pay a monthly premium that ensures their accessibility to affordable eye care. Vision insurance differs from a vision discount plan, which can seem like an excellent alternative. Unfortunately,  discount plans often end up costing your employees out-of-pocket. While discount plans cost less on an annual basis, your employees will have to pay a higher rate for in-store visits and eye exams in comparison to vision insurance. 

Offsetting Eye Care Services and Procedures

Numerous eye care services and procedures can be offset with insurance. Whether your employees require laser eye-correction surgery, eye treatments, or want to receive an eye exam — you can build out the leverage of coverage you’d like to provide for your employees. If you aren’t interested in offering insurance to your employees, you can offer voluntary benefits to your employees so that they can pay out-of-pocket for their desired coverage level.

Ages that Benefit from Vision Insurance Coverage

For aging individuals, it’s vital to receive vision exams to detect any potential eye issues. Suggested eye exam frequency varies upon the age of your employees. According to the Mayo Clinic, individuals between the ages of 20 to 39 years of age are recommended to receive an eye exam every 5 to 10 years, while individuals over 55+ are recommended to receive an eye exam every year. With vision insurance, your employees can receive eye exams as needed at a reduced cost. Malden Solutions can help. Contact us today!

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