Insurance Brokers: What to Look For

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Insurance brokers are middlemen between you and your insurance company.

Hire an insurance broker to communicate with your insurance for you. Insurance is complicated, tedious, and extremely necessary. Insurance brokers are middlemen between you and your insurance company. At Malden Solutions, we act as the insurance agent and insurance provider, which eliminates the middleman. If you decide to go with a typical insurance broker, here is what to look for.


As with any business, insurance brokers have online review systems. Ask your colleagues for their insurance brokers if you work in a specific industry that may require special attention to detail regarding insurance, like jobs with manual labor or other high-risk professions. Word of mouth is helpful when making any business connection. If you are shopping for life insurance plans for yourself and not your business, look into forums and other online communities with similar situations to yours to see what they do. There are an infinite amount of online communities specific to you. There are forums for expensive car collections, particular disabilities, and hobbies like flying helicopters. 


The best insurance brokers should be able to work on your behalf for tailored insurance benefits packages for your company. Each business is different and deserves special attention. Each company utilizes different benefits packages that are appropriate for that industry. Some enterprises need large worker compensation packages, and others do not. Providing optional insurance packages for your employees may be a part of your enticing employee benefits package. Malden Solutions has 17 years of experience in various industry sectors and locations to provide your company with the best insurance policies possible. Our relationships with insurance companies allow us to personalize your insurance package. Insurance is not one-size-fits-all, and Malden understands that. 


Experience can be a significant indicator of how successful an insurance brokerage is. Well-established insurance brokerages may have the relationships to fight for your benefits package. Check out newer insurance brokerages just to cover all your bases. With our combined 125 years of experience, Malden Solutions can argue for your company benefits package and personalize your insurance policy package, whether you need key person insurance or critical illness insurance.

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