3 Voluntary Benefits Your Employees Will Actually Want

We offer comprehensive voluntary benefits packages to employers looking to increase their offerings to employees without raising their health insurance costs.

At Malden Solutions, we offer comprehensive voluntary benefits packages to employers looking to increase their offerings to employees without raising their health insurance costs. By providing voluntary benefits to your current and prospective employees, you provide your employees with a sense of empowerment and control over what specific health insurance benefits they’d like to incorporate within their plan and whether they’d like to add any voluntary fringe benefits. At an additional cost to your employees, they can opt for these fringe benefits that can cover a wide range of health insurance problems or choose to opt-in at a set rate. Read on to learn all about three voluntary benefits your employees will want.

Voluntary Benefits: Telemedicine Packages 

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, more employees than ever before are opting in for voluntary telemedicine benefits. Telemedicine packages provide employees with the capability to speak with a licensed professional mental health counselor or doctor regarding the current state of their health without ever having to leave their home. This can help employees receive the mental health services they need without interrupting their workday or having to drive to a doctor’s office and wait to receive services. Since telemedicine services continue to rise in popularity, you should consider providing them to your employees as a voluntary benefit. 

Dental Insurance 

Providing dental insurance as a voluntary benefit to your employees can give them the freedom to choose their dental provider within their network and reduce treatment costs. This can help employees save additional money for preventative dental care services, exams, intensive oral surgeries, and more. Additionally, offering dental insurance as a voluntary benefit can be more cost-affordable than when wrapped into a health insurance coverage plan. 

Short Term and Long Term Disability

For healthy individuals, opting to pay into short or long-term disability in the event of a disabling injury can seem like a fruitless venture. However, it’s essential to be prepared in an unforeseen disaster that would require short-term and long-term disability. By offering short and long-term disability voluntary benefits to employees, you provide them with the power to control their finances if a disabling circumstance leads them unable to work. After the COVID-19 pandemic, many employees consider buying into short and long-term disability as an extra layer of protection for themselves and their family members.

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