Does Your Company Offer Voluntary Accident Insurance? Here’s What You Should Know

voluntary accident insurance

Providing your employees with the opportunity to invest in voluntary accident insurance can help protect them in the event of an injury or property damage in an accident.

Providing your employees with the opportunity to invest in voluntary accident insurance can help protect them in the event of an injury or property damage caused by an unforeseen vehicular accident. As an extra layer of protection during what might potentially be an incredibly complex situation, voluntary accident insurance can help provide payouts when your employees need them the most. Whether your employee has experienced minor or major injuries in a qualifying accident, this particular type of insurance can help cover finances while getting their feet on the ground. Here’s what you should know about voluntary accident insurance and why you should offer it to your employees.

Voluntary Accident Insurance with Health Insurance or Disability Insurance

As a company, you can offer voluntary accident insurance as part of your comprehensive health care plan or add-on to short or long-term disability packages. Since accidents can never be predicted, it’s critical to provide your employees with the option to invest in voluntary accident insurance so that they can choose to protect themselves in the event of an auto accident.

Voluntary Accident Insurance Coverage 

Voluntary accident insurance coverage varies and is typically based upon the individualized level of coverage that your employee selects. Accident insurance payouts can help offset financial costs associated with medical bills or expenses incurred in qualifying accidents. Occasionally, voluntary accident insurance can even help provide an extra level of protection for children who are injured in a vehicle crash. As a supplemental benefit, your employee can select which level of coverage they’re interested in for voluntary accident insurance coverage.

Why Offer Accident Insurance Coverage as a Voluntary Benefit?

You can consider offering accident insurance coverage as a voluntary benefit to help protect your employees who might pay more upfront when health care automatically includes accident coverage. As a supplemental benefit, you provide your employees with the opportunity to choose what coverage they need under your company’s plan rather than automatically supplying it. Additionally, your employees can seek alternative accident insurance coverage if they do not find your voluntary accident insurance coverage comprehensive enough.

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