3 Reasons Your Company Should Invest in Employee Dental Insurance Benefits

As an employer, you should consider these top 3 reasons to invest in employee dental insurance benefits.

According to the Center for Disease Control, approximately 47.2% of individuals in the United States suffer from a form of periodontal disease. Since periodontal disease is linked to an increased risk of diabetes complications, coronary artery disease, arthritis, and respiratory-related diseases — it’s a high indicator that the dental health of your employees is essential. Through routine dental health checkups covered under employee dental health insurance, your employees can benefit from preventative visits to the dentist to help reduce their risk for developing periodontal disease. As an employer, you should consider these top 3 reasons to invest in employee dental insurance benefits. 

Invest in Employee Dental Insurance Benefits to Reduce Lost Hours Due to Poor Health

Think about it in simplistic terms. When your employees are healthy, they are capable of leading productive lives within the workforce. By investing in employee dental insurance benefits to provide your employees with the ability to schedule regular appointments, you can potentially reduce lost work hours due to complications caused by poor oral health habits. Preventative dental health care goes a long way in ensuring the healthy, productive lives of your employees!

Dental Health Insurance Can Provide Lower In-Office Costs for Your Employees

Employees without comprehensive dental coverage may forgo visiting the dentist altogether. This can increase their risk for periodontal disease, contributing to many conditions that can reduce their overall quality of life. By providing your employees with comprehensive dental health coverage, you can reduce their in-office costs at the dentist and ensure they receive the dental health services they need. 

Provide Dental Health Care for Children of Employees

As a company, you can take pride in your organization for providing dental health care to your employees and their dependents. Since tooth decay can contribute to a great host of childhood diseases, you can help prevent childhood tooth decay by providing your employees with comprehensive dental health care coverage. This can help contribute to your family-friendly values within your organization and less stress for your employees with children. Contact Malden Solutions today for all of your dental health coverage needs!

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