How Does Vision Insurance Work and Who Needs It?

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So, what is vision insurance, and who needs that coverage the most?

Healthcare and benefits can be challenging, making the enrollment process confusing for some employees. As part of that enrollment process, employers often provide ancillary benefits such as vision insurance. Compared to health coverage, only some people need ancillary benefits. So, what is vision insurance, and who needs that coverage the most? Keep reading below for more details.

How Does Vision Insurance Work?

Many employers offer vision insurance, an ancillary benefit, to supplement employees’ health coverage. This typically covers vision problems or eye injuries due to significant medical conditions. In addition, vision coverage includes the costs of glasses, eye examinations, or contacts in exchange for a premium or monthly payment. In general, vision insurance premiums are much lower than health insurance premiums for an individual plan.

Beyond those basics, vision policies can vary by insurer and policy. For instance, some vision policies have a one-time enrollment fee besides monthly premiums, while most plans have waiting periods before coverage begins. Vision insurance usually covers persons in two ways:

  • Pay most costs up to a capped dollar amount
  • Offer discounts as a percentage of the total price of vision services or products

Who Needs Vision Insurance?

Unlike health insurance, not everyone requires vision insurance. Vision coverage primarily benefits persons and family members needing vision care like glasses, routine eye exams, and contacts. However, complete eye examinations can still assist in detecting hidden health problems in children and adults with great vision. An eye doctor can see the following:

  • Diabetes
  • High cholesterol
  • Glaucoma
  • Some types of cancer, such as leukemia and brain cancer

However, the occasional eye exam might only make vision insurance premiums worth it for some employees. Fortunately, the savings from having vision coverage can be significant to individuals and family members who already need vision care. When several family members wear glasses, it only makes sense to lessen the insurance costs. Since vision policies vary so much, it’s critical to understand the policy under consideration. Each part of the body is crucial and interconnected.

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