Supplemental Insurance: What Types are Ideal for Your Family?

malden solutions supplemental insurance

Fortunately, supplemental insurance will cover out-of-pocket costs beyond what your primary insurance plan offers.

Every person should have the ability to protect their family financially during an emergency without overwhelming stress and hardship. You might experience a health-related expense that your employer or individual insurance may not cover. Fortunately, supplemental insurance will cover out-of-pocket costs beyond what your primary insurance plan offers. Malden Solutions is a voluntary/supplemental benefits consulting company that can help guide you to the ideal policy for you and your family.

Hospital Indemnity Insurance

Sometimes, your traditional insurance does not fully cover hospital visits, leaving you with an expensive bill. With hospital indemnity insurance, you may claim a part of your hospital stay against your insurance giving you more peace of mind. There are high-quality policies that offer coverage for maternity trips, hospital stays, ambulance trips, and surgery-related. So, you should be able to relax and recover in a hospital without worrying about expensive bills.

Specific Disease Insurance

Are the high costs connected with treating your specific illness provoking you and your family’s emotional distress? Specified disease insurance collaborates with your existing medical coverage to manage costs related to your treatment ranging from preventative health screenings to travel expenses (to and from treatment facilities). In addition, this supplemental insurance policy covers costs linked with various diseases and illnesses including stroke, heart attack, and skin cancer.

Legal Insurance

If you happen to experience a legal issue, a lawyer and all of the fees associated have the possibility to be expensive. Additionally, legal insurance minimizes the cost of seeking legal advice and litigation leaving you with slight ease going into court. So, you will be able to focus more on your case and less on paying a defense team. Also, the last thing you want is to settle for an incompetent lawyer because of financial constraints.

At Malden Solutions, we offer various insurance packages that include life, health, and voluntary benefits. We will also work with you to search for the perfect policies for your employees or family. Remember, there are different benefits available to you depending on your specific situation. Our firm also offer comprehensive packages for employers and their employees. Call us today at 410-435-4937 to get your free quote!

Find the Right Health Insurance Solutions for Your Needs

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