Hospital Indemnity Insurance: Support Your Employees

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Creating an insurance plan that incorporates valuable supplemental benefits like hospital indemnity insurance show your employees how much you value them.

Creating an insurance plan that incorporates valuable supplemental benefits like hospital indemnity insurance show your employees how much you value them. Malden Solutions has over 17 years of experience curating insurance plans that are useful and cost-effective.

What is Hospital Indemnity Insurance?

Hospital indemnity insurance is a voluntary supplemental insurance benefit. It allows subscribers to claim a portion of their hospital stay against their ongoing policy. Voluntary benefits are chosen by the employer to be offered to employees and can cover accident insurance, critical illness insurance, and other life insurance policies. Employees have the option of enrolling in voluntary benefits but are not required. 

Is Hospital Indemnity Insurance Worth Enrolling In?

If your employer’s insurance plan offers hospital indemnity insurance, you should consider enrolling in it. This insurance policy was created to help employees afford extended hospital stays that can cause financial catastrophe. With certain illnesses, hospital stays become unpredictably long and costly. Malden Solution can help your business support its employees with voluntary benefits they will use.

What Does Hospital Indemnity Insurance Cover?

Depending on the insurance your company uses, hospital indemnity insurance covers stays in intensive care and critical care units. More comprehensive policies cost more out of pocket initially but will cover outpatient surgery and continuous care. As a seller of insurance, Malden Solutions is committed to ensuring your employees get the most support they can during hard times. Unforeseen accidents and chronic conditions can create mountains of medical debt. Working under that amount of pressure is bound to harm your employees. Take a load off their backs with voluntary benefits they will readily use. Create support networks that help your employees reach their potential. 

Other Voluntary Benefits

Voluntary benefits are great for companies that have large workforces with a variety of care needs. Some policies that can create more of a financial safety net during a health crisis are disability insurance, workers’ compensation, critical illness insurance, and more. Talk with our teams of insurance experts that have experience working in a diverse range of industries across the country. 

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