Beware of These Warning Signs of Identity Theft

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Malden Solutions offers various benefits packages and identity theft protection for business owners and employees.

Identity theft is something that you want to resolve immediately, if possible. The longer that identity theft occurs, the more damage it will cause. What is alarming is that many people need to check their bank statements constantly. Malden Solutions offers various benefits packages and identity theft protection for business owners and employees. Wouldn’t you want to know if someone was attempting to steal your identity? Continue reading to learn the signs of identity theft.

Top Signs of Identity Theft

Protect your employees, yourself, and business by adding identity theft protection to your voluntary benefits.

Purchases You Didn’t Make on Your Bank Statement

You should avoid ignoring small changes, even if only a few pennies have been charged to your account. So, people who commit fraud purchase stolen accounts and test them with minor purchases. If you did not authorize the purchase, you must look into this. In addition, a thief can apply for credit cards in your name if he or she has the correct information. Their hopes typically are to perform a shopping spree on your dime before you begin to notice the changes and close the account.

Any Misinformation on Your Credit Report

The main big credit bureaus, Equifax, Experian, and Transunion, allow people to obtain a free credit report yearly. You should view these reports every several months to seek anything suspicious. Plus, if you discover that a credit application has been denied, especially when you have an excellent credit score, please look into this. An identity thief might mess up your credit report by making outlandish purchases.

You’re No Longer Receiving Emails

If you no longer view your monthly statement, this is a red flag. Identity theft occurs when perpetrators change the billing address, allowing their purchases to go unnoticed for a long time.

How to Prevent Identity Theft

  • Check your bank statements daily
  • Switch up your passwords and don’t have the same password for each account
  • Develop several email accounts, particularly regarding finances
  • Hire Malden Solutions to offer you identity theft protection services that will give you a sense of security should your identity ever be compromised

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