Identity Theft Protection: Why You Should Offer it to Your Employees

Cyber threats are more prevalent now more than ever.

Alarm systems, cameras, and heavy-duty hardware can all protect a company, but business owners often overlook identity theft protection. Your employees are your business’ greatest asset. Employees, just like your business overall, can become susceptible to cyber threats. Cyber threats are more prevalent now more than ever. Protect your employees, protect your self, and protect the bottom line of your business by adding identity theft protection to your voluntary benefits. We’re going to explain why you should offer this kind of protection to your employees. Keep reading!

Reduce the Risk of Corporate Identity Theft

The easy way for hackers to hack into your company’s information systems is through the personal accounts of your employees. If hackers infiltrate employee emails, then this affects your business as a whole. The risk of corporate identity theft increases. 

Reduce the Chance of Less Productivity

When employees have to take the time to restore their information, it takes time. More time focused on assessing this problem means that there’s less productivity on the job. Identity theft protection insurance prevents this problem in the first place. 

Protect Against Targeted Cyber Attacks

Employees in the Human Resource department are typically targets for cyber attacks. A process called a phishing scam occurs. Hackers socially engineer their way into one personal account and then make their way into your entire organization’s system. If you’re an executive, then you’re also at risk. Executives tend to have multiple accounts open, and many pay with plastic, making them more susceptible. Therefore, you should consider identity protection theft for yourself, as well. We also specialize in executive benefits and Business Overhead Insurance so that you can protect yourself and your business in several ways. 

Protect Against Insider Threat

Insider threat typically involves an employee or a former employee using their access to proprietary information against your organization. Insider threat comes in many forms. For one, an employee or former employee could use it to commit fraud. Two, blackmail or slander may occur. Three, some of your employees may neglect security policies that you have set in place and put the company at risk. 

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