Insurance and Financial Tips for Women Executives

If you’re a woman executive, then financial literacy and insurance knowledge are crucial to secure your future.

If you’re a woman executive, then financial literacy and insurance knowledge are crucial to secure your future. Women executives can face a variety of unique experiences. For example, you may have to take time off to raise a family or cater to elderly parents. Trying to find the ideal work-life balance is hard for anyone. Having insurance and an excellent financial plan in place can give you the financial freedom to take on the many hats you wear. We’re here to provide some insurance and finance tips that anyone can benefit from, especially women executives. Keep reading! 

Executive Benefits

When you’re a business owner or executive, it takes a lot of personal and professional risk. If something were to happen, your business must carry on. Leaving your employees without a sense of direction would prove to be devastating. Here at Malden Solutions, we offer business overhead expense insurance, alternative retirement vehicles, and key person life insurance. Also, if you work for a publicly-traded enterprise, you should research stock option plans that can help you prepare for retirement. You can also defer part of your salary for a five or ten year period to help save money. 

Life Insurance

If anything happens, the process of succession can be challenging. Key-person life insurance would take away some financial burden from your successors and employees if an unfortunate event were to happen. What’s also beneficial about life insurance is that when you retire, you can use it for distribution because cash accrues over time with this kind of plan. You have several options here. Our insurance brokers can offer you comprehensive policies that suit your specific desires and goals. 


A health savings account (HSA) is an avenue that high-income earners utilize during life events such as pregnancy. If you have a high-deductible plan, what you can do is stow money away in an HSA and defer pre-tax cash right into the account. This strategy works exceptionally well for executives who cannot invest in a Roth IRA due to their tax bracket.

Disability Insurance

Depending on your industry, general disability insurance may not be enough. You may need a more comprehensive plan because women executives wear many hats. Our highly trained brokers can give you a variety of options if you couldn’t perform at the job for a short or long time. 

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