Debunking Disability Insurance Myths

Thinking about disability insurance is crucial.

Thinking about disability insurance is crucial. In the unfortunate event that an accident occurs on the job, income still needs to come in so that you can provide for yourself, your family, or both. Here at Malden Solutions, we offer the best short-term and long-term disability plans that are affordable. Did you know that one in four workers will incur a long-term disability at some point in their careers? Preparing for the future and putting it in your hands involves thinking about the unexpected. Today we’re here to debunk some disability insurance myths. Keep reading!

Disability and Workers Compensation are the Same Thing

The difference between disability insurance and workers compensation is that workers compensation covers accidents that happen on the job. Disability insurance covers injuries that are work-related or happened outside of the workplace. Because life is unpredictable, it’s crucial to take this kind of policy into substantial consideration.

People are Invincible

Young people often think that their youth stops them from needing coverage because they’re healthy and well to do. Becoming hurt or disabled is something that most people, young or old, don’t want to anticipate. Still, protecting your current and future earnings should always be a priority. No one is invincible, and there are some ways that you can take control of unforeseen challenges.

Becoming Disabled is the Result of a Random Accident

One of the leading causes that stop people from working is cancer. When people think of long-term disability, they often think of a random accident that happens on the job, but illness is the top cause. We offer critical illness insurance as well, that covers debilitating conditions. We also supply cancer insurance and specified disease insurance for conditions such as heart disease, stroke, kidney failure, and many other conditions.

Social Security Covers Short-Term Disabilities.

Social security only covers permanent medical conditions. It may just seem like a sales pitch to say that “you can never have too much insurance,” but this is true. Making sure that you have full coverage based on your needs keeps you from any surprises. Trying to live without pay is painfully difficult. Trying to understand insurance can be difficult as well. Luckily, we have insurance brokers that speak your language and can explain the ins and outs of seemingly complicated terms.

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