Should Small Businesses Offer Vision and Dental Coverage?

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As a small business, you can sometimes be left with tough decisions like whether or not to offer dental and vision coverage to your employees. We weigh in.

Your employees represent so much more than a paycheck in your business. The success, productivity, and health of your employees directly impacts the success, productivity, and health of your business. A comprehensive benefits package will communicate how valuable your employees are and help protect them from health problems throughout their life. By supplementing their health insurance with comprehensive vision and dental coverage, you can offer your employees financial protection for their healthcare expenses. Here are just a few of the benefits of offering vision and dental coverage in your small business.

Benefits of Vision Coverage

Vision coverage is incredibly important for your employees. After all, an astounding portion of the country requires glasses, contacts, or some other form of vision care. By offering vision coverage, you can help your employees access healthcare that will allow them to see, combat long-term eye problems such as glaucoma, and even increase their productivity by improving their vision. Many people without vision coverage will elect not to have an annual eye exam, which can be vital in detecting vision problems and even eye disease that can impact your employees’ health.

Benefits of Dental Coverage

Dental exams are also important for maintaining good health. Some of the greatest dangers of dental health are serious gum disease and oral conditions. Many of these conditions are even related to illnesses like diabetes and cardiovascular conditions. With access to proper dental care, your employees can avoid these serious health problems and maintain good oral health. Plus, dental disease causes employees to miss many hours of work each year for oral surgery and recovery. You can prevent this loss of time by offering dental coverage that will allow employees to properly maintain their oral health.

Investing in Coverage

Your employees are important to your company. Their health is extremely important to the success and growth of your business. Make sure you offer your employees a comprehensive package of vision and dental coverage to promote a healthy and productive company. Best of all, healthy employees are happier overall. Show your employees how much you value them to boost morale and make your business a better place to work on the whole. Comprehensive benefits that will not only attract, but keep, quality employees is a great return on investment for health benefits.

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