Protecting Yourself with Hospital Indemnity Insurance


This article explains everything you should know about obtaining hospital indemnity insurance.

Spring is finally among us in Maryland, and you have been feeling great, enjoying the fresh air outside. However, your health worsens unexpectedly. Before you know it, you have been admitted to the hospital, and you wonder how you will afford an extended hospital stay while undergoing substantial medical testing. Unfortunately, a long-term stay in a hospital could possibly bankrupt the average American in case of a sudden health crisis. This article explains everything you should know about obtaining hospital indemnity insurance.

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What Does Hospital Indemnity Insurance Consist Of?

You can add hospital indemnity insurance to your pre-existing health insurance policy as a voluntary supplemental benefit. This insurance type also allows you to claim a fixed portion of your hospital stay against their continuous policy. Fortunately, this may financially help you through expensive overnight hospital stays. As a voluntary benefit, you can choose this benefit as an add-on to your current insurance plan.

What is Covered?

Your coverage will differ depending on your health insurance policy and what it offers under the voluntary hospital indemnity insurance. In general, most hospital indemnity insurances can cover ICU confinement, hospital stays, and CCU confinement. They can also provide coverage for maternity visits, surgery-related hospital stays, and ambulance trips. For a higher coverage range, you will have to pay more out of pocket, and that can be expensive. If you seek a broader range of hospital indemnity coverage, locate a plan covering outpatient surgery and ongoing care for complete protection.

Moreover, your primary medical insurer might cover most costs after copays and deductibles are met. However, there can still be significant out-of-pocket expenses. Hospital indemnity insurance directly pays the policyholder unless it helps with hospital costs.

Is Hospital Indemnity Insurance Necessary?

Although you might feel like you don’t need voluntary hospital indemnity insurance, it can be an excellent add-on to your current health insurance policy in case of a health emergency. By choosing this insurance, you can protect yourself from sudden financial expenses that might occur when you least expect them.

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