A Guide To Disability Insurance

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Know your options when it comes to disability insurance.

Sometimes in life, events or accidents occur that cause you to be unable to work for a certain period of time.  Although, you should be compensated and protected if the circumstances of your unemployment are totally out of your control such as an injury or surgery.  If you partner with Malden Solutions, you will have access to premier insurance carriers and the best rates possible.  Luckily, understanding your disability insurance options is much simpler than you might think.  

Short-Term Disability

If your disability causes you to be out of work for a few weeks to a couple of months, then you should enroll in short-term disability insurance.  The recovery period for common disabilities covered under this policy includes broken arms, minor surgeries, or maternity leave.  You can only enroll in short-term disability through your employer so make sure your place of business offers this policy.  When enrolling in any type of disability insurance, it is important to know that short-term disability does not overlap with a long-term disability policy.  

Long-Term Disability

When looking at your disability options, know that Malden Solutions offers a policy to cover you if you are physically unable to work for a few years to the rest of your life.  Long-term disability insurance covers major surgeries and treatments for critical illnesses such as cancer.  If you are recovering and receiving treatment for back pain, joint issues, or even mental illness, long-term disability insurance will protect you and your family financially.  The payments for this type of insurance will begin once your short-term disability and employee benefits end.  Since one in four will face a long-term disability during their work career, long-term disability insurance is vital to being a financial haven for your family.  

Employer V. Individual

When choosing the best disability package for you and your family, you should know how you can enroll in each type.  Short-term disability insurance is only offered through an employer compared to long-term disability which can be offered to an individual carrier.  Remember that these plans do not overlap, so you cannot be under both policies at the same time.  

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