All About Critical Illness Insurance

All you need to know about critical illness insurance.

Whether you have health insurance through your employer or an individual plan, it may not cover all of your needs.  Depending on your specific plan, there may be some gaps in coverage that can be detrimental in the case of an emergency.  You need to be covered financially in the case you fall ill to cancer or suffer a serious heart attack.  Critical illness insurance will cover you financially if you suffer from a serious illness.  Critical illness insurance is just one of the several supplemental benefits that are essential to you and your family.

What Does It Cover?

Critical illness insurance is designed to cover you financially in the case your regular health insurance doesn’t cover any medical expenses from a serious illness.  Common critical illnesses that the insurance covers are cancer, heart attacks, and strokes.  Critical illness insurance may also cover heart and major organ transplants, cardiac procedures, and paralysis.  You will receive the financial compensation in a lump sum and can be used prevent your family risking their financial stability.

Cover Employees and Individuals

Critical illness insurance is essential for any employer offering insurance to their employees or to an individual that wants to protect their family.  If you are employer offering health insurance plans to your employees, critical illness is an attractive option that many of your employees do not currently have.  Health coverage changes frequently, so offer your employees a guaranteed financial safety net in the case of a medical emergency.  If you are an individual looking for supplemental insurance, critical illness will protect your family financially and relieve stress in the case you succumb to a serious illness.  With critical illness insurance, your family can focus more on your recovery and less on medical expenses.

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