Beginning of the Year Insurance Checklist

Here we’ll offer the beginning of the year checklist that can make sure you’re up-to-speed with your insurance policies

2020 is here now! Since it’s the beginning of the year, it’s now time for self-reflection. Some of your future goals may include becoming healthier, improving your relationships, enhancing your professional life, or many other achievements. Now is also the time to make adjustments when it comes to your insurance coverage. You should especially take a look at your insurance coverage if there have been a few changes over the past year. Here is the beginning of the year insurance checklist that you should consider. 

Property Insurance

The holiday season is wonderfully warm. Of course, not because of the weather. But because people exchange gifts and show how much they care about each other. If you received a valuable item during the holiday season, then you want to make sure that it’s accounted for properly and covered for by your insurance. 

Home Insurance

If you upgraded your home, landscape, or outdoor living spaces during the summer (or any other time during the year) or if there are any areas in your home that need repair, you should look over your home owner’s policy. You always want to look over your home owner’s insurance because you should make sure that you’re fulfilling any obligations that you could exclude you from coverage based on specific risks. You also want to ensure that your home and contents within your house have coverage.

Health Insurance

Make sure that your health insurance policy is serving you in the best way possible. Take advantage of preventative services, prescription drugs benefits, and look into how an HSA account may or may not benefit you. If any life changes have happened within the past few months, make sure to update your insurer. Most importantly, if you’re not happy with your health insurance plan, consider options on how to change it. Here at Malden Solutions, we offer multiple health insurance policies that fit various lifestyles. If you’re a business owner that’s not providing your employees with the best health insurance plans, then give us a call. 

Business Insurance

Tax season is near, so it’s an excellent time to look over your business insurance policy to make sure that you’re meeting all business requirements for the state of Maryland. If there are any additional coverages you may need, then talk to your insurer about it, or you can get a quote from us directly on the website. You can pick as many types of business insurance that you need. If you’re not sure, then we have an option for that as well. 

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