A Guide to Turning 26 and Picking Healthcare Insurance

Young or old, going to the doctor is crucial

Turning 26 is a milestone. It’s the year that taking over your healthcare insurance gets put into your hands. Here at Malden Solutions, we stress the importance of having a comprehensive benefits package that complements your lifestyle, regardless of how young or old you are. It’s never too early to take your health seriously. We offer healthcare plans that will benefit any lifestyle. If you’re 26 and uninsured or 26 is steadily creeping up, then continue reading. We’re going to provide a guide on turning 26 and picking healthcare insurance.

Some Background Information

In 2010, the Affordable Care Act raised allowed parents to keep their children under their healthcare policy until they turned 26. Previously, the age was 19. If your 26th birthday is coming up, or approaching in a year or so, then it’s time to consider what policy will be best for you. We understand that navigating the ins and outs of any insurance policy may seem daunting. However, we make it simple for you. Our insurance brokers explain insurance policies in a language that you can understand. Turning 26 doesn’t have to be a bad thing. However, not having health insurance is.

The Significance of Healthcare Insurance

If you’re tempted to go without healthcare insurance to save money, then we advise against this. Being young is often synonymous with being healthy, but what about unexpected emergencies? Even if you’re healthy, life is unpredictable. Also, the reality is that trips to or an extended stay in the ER are pretty costly. Preparing for a rainy, or in this case, a sick day is always ideal. Paying out of pocket for the medical attention that you need will never be the best option. 

Tips for Picking the Right Plan

  • Do your research and never pick the first plan you see
  • Think about your deductible
  • Figure out if you need a large selection of doctors
  • Think realistically about how often you go to the doctor’s
  • Create a budget and have money set aside for healthcare expenses

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