4 Supplemental Benefits That Can Benefit Your Insurance Plan

4 Supplemental Benefits That Can Benefit Your Plan

Supplemental benefits are often necessary for covering medical expenses beyond those that are provided by your insurance.

Supplemental benefits are often necessary for covering medical expenses beyond those that are provided by your insurance. In working with Malden Solutions, you will have access to both our portable supplemental benefits and our expertise in the field, in addition to our excellent customer service that is readily available to answer any questions that you may have along the way. If you are currently in the process of determining which supplemental benefits may be a good fit for your policy, consider these four important supplemental benefits offered by Malden Solutions.

Long-Term Care Insurance

If your medical needs require that you receive care in a long-term medical facility such as assisted living or a nursing home, long-term care insurance can cover the medical expenses surrounding that form of medical care. Coverage for long-term care is often more effective when purchased sooner rather than later, as an early investment can keep your costs lower over time.

Critical Illness Insurance

Unlike long-term care insurance, critical illness is there for unforeseen health complications that you cannot plan for. By investing in critical illness insurance, you are ensuring financial protection for you and your family from medical bills following treatment for critical illnesses such as a stroke or heart attack. With this coverage, you can relax during your recovery with peace of mind knowing that both you and your family are financially covered for major expenses.

Identity Theft Protection

With identity theft protection, you can ensure that your information is protected in the event of identity theft. Instances of identity theft can be messy and especially difficult to recover from. This form of insurance is meant to balance the costs that come with reparation efforts once your information has been stolen.

Accident Insurance

In the event of an accident, accident insurance serves as the perfect addition to your health and disability insurance coverage. This type of insurance provides you with financial reinforcement to offset costs of any bills surrounding an accident, such as hospital bills from medical treatments following the accident. Accident insurance can also provide both you and your family with peace of mind knowing that you are well protected and financially covered for any unforeseen incident that may occur throughout the year.

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