3 Supplementary Benefit Trends You Will See This Year

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Learn about a few of the trends within the supplemental insurance industry!

Regardless if it is through your employer or an individual plan, you should a have wide range of supplemental benefits to protect you financially.  Life is filled with unexpected events that can leave you in unfavorable situations, so you should have an insurance plan that relieves financial and emotional stress.  Every year there are advancements in the healthcare industry that improve the type of coverage that you can receive. If you are looking for supplementary or voluntary benefits this year, then you should follow a few current trends.

Legal Insurance

Sometimes in life, you might find yourself in a situation where need assistance from a lawyer or a legal professional.  Unfortunately, lawyers are known to be incredibly expensive, and you might just need consultation and advice. Legal insurance is designed to protect you if you ever have to seek legal advice or litigation.  Legal insurance is more useful now than ever especially for employees who want a legal professional to review contracts.

Financial Planning

Financial stress affects a wide range of age groups and can distract employees from their daily responsibilities.  In response to this, more and more employees are offering financial wellness services to their employees. Companies want to relive their employee’s financial distress from the recent college grad overwhelmed by student loans to the parents fearing paying for their child’s college.  Everyone should have the resources to sort out their finances and to improve their spending habits.

Identity Theft

Every day there seems to another advancement in technology that is supposed to improve our daily lives.  Although, with technology advancements comes the hacking and theft of personal information through digital platforms.  The last thing you want is someone stealing your identity and making purchases under your name. Identity theft insurance will offset costs of recovering your identity.

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