3 Employee Benefit Trends To Look Out For In 2018

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Discover a few current employee benefits trends.

When an individual comes to work for a company, they want to feel valued and protected financially.  One of the best ways to retain your employees as well as show your appreciation is to offer a comprehensive employee benefits package.  Every employee deserves to have a wide range of healthcare options as well voluntary benefits.  When deciding to offer your employees health insurance, you should be aware of the current trends regarding employee benefits in 2018.

Personalized Benefits

Not every employee is the same, so you need to offer a wide range of benefits to meet each individual’s needs.  Some employees rarely see their primary care provider besides regular check-up, and others see a few specialists frequently.  You need to offer benefits to meet all of your employee’s needs so that they feel valued.  One effective way to do so is to offer voluntary benefits ranging from disability insurance to vision and dental.  

Employee Wellness Initiatives

A current trend regarding employees benefits is companies developing wellness programs to improves the health and overall well-being of their employees.  Many businesses are offering their employees cash or prize as a reward for quitting smoking or having the most steps in a month.  Businesses are also offering their employees health coaching to improve their overall wellness.  Having an employee wellness initiative is a great way to show your employees that you care about their health and your respect them as individuals.

Digital Assistance

For employees, it is starting to be common for them to be solely responsible for all decision regarding their specific plan.  In response to this, there are a number of digital tools being developed to assist employees in managing their health care spending and overall decision making.  On these digital applications, you can choose providers for each plan and manage your spending for your specific plan.

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