Is There Such a Thing as Pregnancy Insurance?

There’s no doubt about it—pregnancy is a taxing process. You have to contend with morning sickness, a restricted diet, and frequent visits to your OB/GYN. Sometimes, this can overshadow the joy of things like shopping for baby clothes and picking a name. The medical costs associated with pregnancy and childbirth can be daunting, especially when you are high-risk. For this reason, many prospective mothers wonder: is there such a thing as pregnancy insurance?

Is There Such a Thing as Pregnancy Insurance?

Pregnancy can be extremely taxing. What kinds of insurance can help?

The Short Answer

Let’s cut right to the choice: there is no such thing as a stand-alone pregnancy insurance policy. If policies strictly covering costs associated with maternity did exist, it would be bought exclusively by individuals expecting to become pregnant in the near future. Presumably, they would cancel the policy after its utilization. From the perspective of the insurance provider, this would be unprofitable.

Still, there are more resources available to aid expecting mothers than just regular old health insurance. The following supplemental benefits could be of use in covering any leftover costs associated with a high-risk pregnancy.

Disability Insurance

Do you have a medical problem that has the potential to complicate childbirth? If so, disability insurance could act as a sort of “pregnancy insurance” for you.

You should always check with your insurance provider about how disability insurance can compensate you during pregnancy and childbirth. Many will provide a benefit of a certain number of weeks for delivery. This can help save you lost income.

Hospital Indemnity Insurance

Another option for those who have reason to expect a complicated delivery is hospital indemnity insurance. As you already know, lengthy hospital stays can be extraordinarily costly. Typically, childbirth is not so long of a process and your health insurance can cover most of the cost. But this is not always the case.

There is also the possibility that your newborn may need to spend some time in the neonatal ICU. Some hospital indemnity insurance policies can help to cover these costs.

If you aren’t sure about how this might work for you, ask your insurance provider. You might find that regular health insurance will provide you with all you need. But for those who aren’t so confident in this, you can rest assured that there are additional supplemental benefits to assist you financially.

There might not be such a thing as pregnancy insurance. But that doesn’t mean insurance can’t help.

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