Telemedicine: What Are Its Advantages?

Enjoy being treated from your smartphone or tablet with telemedicine

As a part of our supplemental benefits, we offer telemedicine. Telemedicine voluntary benefits help you skip the line at an urgent care facility, and is the best way to receive care right when you need it. Did you know that with telemedicine, you can also use your smartphone to connect with your doctor via voice or video chat? This voluntary benefit is revolutionary because your doctor can diagnose common ailments and prescribe treatments to your local pharmacy while you comfortably sit at home. And guess what else? This supplemental benefit is available 24/7! Are you not impressed yet? Well, keep reading! Today we’re going to discuss more advantages of telemedicine and why you should add it to your supplemental benefits package. 

Are You Far From Your Doctor? Telemedicine Offers Flexibility. 

Distance and travel time between patients and their healthcare providers can make receiving care difficult. If you don’t have reliable transportation or live in a rural area where traveling takes a long time, then this voluntary benefit is ideal for you. Sometimes, in rural areas, there’s also a lack of clinicians in the region. Another thing to think about is the fact that Winter will be here before you know it. No one likes to drive in icy, dangerous conditions. Getting the care that you need, even with inclement weather in the midst, is terrific. 

Telemedicine Helps Save You Money

Emergency room visits are expensive. Some medical issues don’t require a trip to the E.R., but some people find that out when it’s too late. In the case of the common cold, using telemedicine to diagnose conditions that are not severe can save you money. You may be thinking that going to an urgent care facility can combat this, but you still have to wait. 

Telemedicine Helps With Gap Times

When you’re a working adult, trying to schedule appointments can become daunting. First, you have to take the right day off. Then you often hope that your primary care physician even has that specific day open. Doctors’ appointments usually span a few months in advance. When your schedule is too hectic, or there’s no availability, this is the perfect alternative. Note that this supplemental benefit should not take the place of you seeing your doctor face-to-face. It should “supplement” your regular healthcare plan

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