Small Business Staffing Tips

Your small business is only as good as its employees. But finding the perfect workers to make your business thrive is never easy. Anyone who has ever done any recruiting knows that it can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. Hiring a staffing agency is an easy way to get around this issue and leave it in the hands of experienced professionals. But if you decide to go it alone, here are some small business staffing tips to help.

Small Business Staffing Tips

Small business staffing comes with its fair share of challenges. Here are some tips to help.

Planning for New Hires

Few things can be more detrimental to the hiring process than when you’re in a crisis. Whether one of your best workers suddenly left, or your staff is struggling to keep up with unprecedented growth, your hiring process should be carefully planned in advance.

We understand that staffing crises happen. There is no way to predict the future. But, as much as possible, you should try to plan for new hires at all times. This will prevent you from rushing the hiring process if and when a crisis does occur.

Emphasize Your Benefits

Of course, the nature of the job itself is important. But so are the benefits. Too many inexperienced staffers make the mistake of leaving benefits as little more than an afterthought in job postings and interviews alike. But if you’re upfront about your competitive benefits package, the quantity and quality of applications you receive will both increase.

Show Your Small Business’ Culture

Many interviewees will ask a question or two about company culture. One small business staffing best practice is to give them a taste of the culture before they even have the opportunity to ask. Injecting a little personality into job postings is a good way to give potential applicants a sense of your small business’ culture before they even send in a resume.

By the same token, make a statement or two about your company’s culture before they have the chance to ask. Show your personality. Sometimes the work itself is a good fit for a worker, but the culture isn’t.

Follow Up with Candidate—Successful or Otherwise

When looking to advance in your career, there are few things more discouraging than not hearing back from companies you’ve applied to. Another small business staffing best practice to keep in mind is responding to all applicants, whether they are successful or not. This is especially relevant for candidates who you’ve interviewed. Not only does this prevent leading them in the dark, but it reflects well on your business.

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