Small Business Insurance and Thanksgiving are Similar: Here’s How

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Small business insurance is a lot like Thanksgiving. How? A Thanksgiving meal has classic staples. These staples include things like turkey, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie as your essentials. Then, there’s also the opportunity to change things and add a variety of unique dishes that speak to you. Here at Malden Solutions, we offer small business insurance that meets basic needs. We call this general liability and business property insurance. We can also add supplemental benefits to your policy that fits your unique needs or lifestyle. Some of these additional benefits can include professional liability and errors and omissions, cyber liability, and key person life insurance and business overhead insurance. Whatever your needs are as a business owner, we have a policy that’s sure to be right for you. Keep reading to learn more about what strategies we can offer you as a small business owner

More on Thanksgiving and Small Business Insurance

Depending on the culture, a work environment can start to feel like home. Most people spend more time working than they do at home. Families are comprised of a set of individuals that have unique needs. Just like during Thanksgiving, there should be a variety of food that appeals to everyone. The same goes for insurance. Your employees should have a beneficial set of benefits to choose from, but at the same time, you should make sure that you protect yourself as well. That’s why you can count on us. We offer comprehensive insurance packages that can benefit anyone in your company. We also some policies that can help you as a small business owner. Here are some of them: 

General Liability & Commercial Property

If you’re a startup, you should have general liability insurance when you lease your building and sign a contract. This plan protects against bodily injuries and property damage claims. Commercial property insurance covers property damage within your office. These policies are “turkey” or the foundation. Every small business owner should have these. 

Professional Liability & Errors & Omissions

Once you start selling products, this will help protect you against financial loss if a third party does not hold up its end in regarding a product. Consider this the mashed potatoes. It may not be the foundation, but it counts as a backup to supplement and support the turkey or general liability and commercial property insurance.

Some “Sides” That You May Consider Adding

  • Cyber Liability
  • Key Life Person Insurance
  • Business Overhead Insurance

Are you unsure of what your needs are? Give us a call so that we can create the perfect insurance solutions for you and your work family. Happy Thanksgiving! 

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