Why You Should Offer a Competitive Employee Benefits Package

Generous compensation is one of the best ways to attract and retain talent of the highest caliber. The hardest working and most successful of candidates will not accept anything less. If you don’t offer a competitive salary or wage, staffing can become difficult. Still, there are other ways you can leverage great talent. One of these is by offering an excellent employee benefits package.

Why You Should Offer a Competitive Employee Benefits Package

A competitive employee benefits package can entice new workers and retain talent.

Entice New Workers

Sometimes, budgetary restraints make it impossible to offer a potential employee a higher salary than your initial offer. But there may be some leeway in terms of benefits. For instance, if you’ve made an offer but they don’t accept, you might be able to entice them by offering another week of paid time off in lieu of a higher salary.

Enhance Your Reputation

Reputation is important in any business. And it doesn’t just come from the quality of the product or service you provide. Increasingly, consumers are starting to pay attention to how companies treat their workers. If you offer a competitive employee benefits package, the word will get out before long. You will nurture a reputation for caring about your employees.

Retain Talent

Often, one of the challenges of business ownership isn’t attracting talent per se; it’s retaining it. People may jump at a high salary offer but, as time goes on, regret that they had not selected a job with better benefits. This is especially likely to happen as people age, and retirement approaches while health declines.

Keep Your Employees Healthy

Health insurance is included in just about every benefits package, as it should be. But not all health insurance is equal. It is an unfortunate fact of life in this country that people often go without the medical attention they need due to financial concerns. Providing excellent health insurance is one of the best ways to prevent this from happening.

Don’t forget that regular health insurance isn’t likely to cut it in a variety of scenarios. What if an employee is involved in an accident and ends up with an extended hospital stay? Or what if they develop cancer and need long-term care that health insurance won’t cover? This is where hospital indemnity insurance or cancer insurance can step in.

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