Important Questions To Ask About Disability Insurance

Important Questions To Ask About Disability Insurance

Here is a helpful guide to help you determine the ideal disability insurance policy for your specific needs

Having disability insurance offered to employees is always a great addition to any comprehensive employee benefits package. In fact, if you think about what employees want most, it’s having ample insurance opportunities and selections available to them to choose from — especially those supplemental benefits that might not be needed all that frequently but could be beneficial at some point in an employee’s life overall. For the most part, employees can greatly benefit from investing in disability insurance as part of their benefits package, if offered. The reality is, disability insurance is hugely beneficial for a number of different reasons. Ultimately, while determining the best type of disability insurance policies to sign up for, it can be quite daunting and difficult to parse through all the complicated language. Here is a helpful guide to help you determine what to look for and the optimal questions to ask when deciding on the ideal disability insurance policy for your specific needs.

Defining Income Within Your Policy

Overall, it is imperative that you consider the various sources of income that might actually be covered with a disability insurance policy. In fact, coverage may potentially include income based on the following: salary, bonuses, commission, overtime, and retirement plan contributions as well. The reality is, given that all these various potential income sources are potentially covered, it becomes increasingly important to understand what the definition of income is based on the specific policy you intend to sign up for generally. Ultimately, when reviewing a new policy or looking through your current coverage, it’s important that you consider a few key things to make sure that you have the most optimal disability insurance policy available for your specific needs. 

Defining Disability Within Your Policy

Now, after you explore the definition of income within your policy, it becomes ideal to look at what the term disability is actually defined as within your policy as well. In fact, understanding the difference between partial and full disability coverage is a key component to determining the best type of policy for your unique needs. The reality is, beyond partial or full disability coverage, it’s key to understand the specific language around any-occupation or own-occupation. Ultimately, these definitions of disability will help guide you towards the best policy for your needs. 

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