Give Your Employees a Leg Up With Identity Theft Protection

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Avoid giving hackers the opportunity to harm your staff and business by offering identity theft insurance.

Without adequate identity theft protection, your company and employees are left vulnerable. Reduce the chance of identity theft hurting your productivity and reputation by offering identity theft protection to your staff. It will protect your business as well as your employees. Read to learn the risks of not investing in identity theft protection. 

Lower the Risk of Corporate Identity Theft

It may seem far-fetched, but corporate identity theft is incredibly common. Hackers will send emails filled with whatever virus they are using to corporate emails, known as a phishing scam. If an employee opens that email, the entire network is compromised. Protecting your employees from identity theft protects your business as well.

Eliminate the Chance for Lower Productivity

Identity theft is a disruptive crime that could set a small business back days or weeks in terms of productivity. With identity theft insurance, your company will not see a financial deficit.

Amazing Cybersecurity

As we mentioned, phishing scams are incredibly common. Hackers generally target the Human Resource department members because they interact with everyone involved in the business. Executives are targets as well. Most executives use credit or debit cards and other bank account information to pay business expenses. Any work done on an electronic device is vulnerable to hackers that infiltrate your network. Identity theft insurance protects all staff and executives from the financial ruin hackers create. 

Protect Against Insider Threat

An insider threat typically involves an employee or a former employee using their access to proprietary information against your organization. Insider threat comes in many forms. For one, an employee or former employee could use it to commit fraud. Two, blackmail or slander may occur. Three, some of your employees may neglect security policies that you have set in place and put the company at risk. 

Psychological Toll

Identity theft not only affects your cybersecurity but the psychology of your staff. Having delicate information stolen from you either professionally or personally will have a lasting impact on your staff. Avoid giving hackers the opportunity to harm your staff and business by offering identity theft insurance. 

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