Fantastic Employee Benefits to Entice Younger Employees

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As headlines reference, “The Great Resignation”, use employee benefits to hire younger employees.

As headlines reference, “The Great Resignation”, use employee benefits to hire younger employees. Thousands of young people are looking for jobs that truly appreciate them. Not only are they looking for upward mobility, but they are looking to receive benefits. Employee benefits at your company will show your employees how much you care and give them the opportunity to improve themselves.

Flexible Work Schedules

During the past two years, the workforce has become accustomed to working from home. As businesses transition to working in the office full-time, allow your employees to decide how they want to transition. Maybe your department never does. A flexible work schedule allows your employees to work when they are at peak performance instead of the typical 9 am-5 pm. Flexible work schedules are highly sought after as an employee benefit, especially in young workers. 

Affordable and Flexible Healthcare Plans

Although young people are typically healthier than the rest of the population, every person is vulnerable to illness. Flexible healthcare plans are an excellent way to entice young people to apply at your company. Large corporations tend to offer cookie-cutter healthcare plans that do not cover everything a young person may want. Accident insurance and disability insurance may seem like too much but will attract young people to your business. The pandemic has disabled thousands of young people who were never sick. They are phenomenal workers but may be impeded by certain healthcare needs. Use your employee benefits to show potential employees that you care about them. 

Discounts, Activities, and Events

Employee benefits are not just extra insurance policies but should involve several local businesses. Discounts at event places, restaurants, or stores can boost morale and invite your employees to participate in the local economy. Additionally, discounted group activities can become a way for your employees to hang out with each other and build community. Gym memberships are an excellent start to your employee benefits package, but they should not be the focus. You can utilize wine and paint cafes, yoga studios, cooking classes, and more as employee benefits as long as you provide your employees with a discount. 

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