How to Effectively Roll Out New Employee Benefits

As you roll out new employee benefits, ensure your team is informed. Here are tips on how to effectively roll out new employee benefits.

Change can be an excellent thing. As a small business owner, you should constantly evaluate if your employee benefits package is as comprehensive as it should be. The better benefits your small business has, the more you’ll be able to attract new talent and retain tenured team members. As you roll out new employee benefits, ensure that your team understands them and knows how to access them. Here are tips on how to effectively roll out new employee benefits. 

Always Ask for Employee Input

Your employees might benefit from some benefits more than others. For example, you might find that none of your employees are pet owners. Instead of pet insurance, they might appreciate dental and vision insurance more. Rather than blindly guessing what your team needs, you should ask them. Consider distributing a survey and tailoring your employee benefits package based on the results. 

Make Open Enrollment Easy

If you already offer benefits, you can incorporate the new ones into your annual open enrollment process. If employees can enroll in your small business health plan using an online portal, ensure that you post information and provide access to the new benefits online. Your team shouldn’t have a hard time accessing the new employee benefits. 

Communicate Early and Often About the New Employee Benefits

Ensure that you communicate clearly by holding a meeting, sharing information electronically, and distributing handouts (if applicable) that detail the new-and-improved offerings. Also, express excitement as you discuss the new employee benefits. Employees can never access benefits that they don’t know exist. Let your team know how much you care about their needs.

See How Many People Took Advantage 

After you’ve rolled out the new perks, you can measure the engagement and see how many people are taking advantage of them. If you don’t have enough people enrolled in a particular plan, consider if that’s the ideal benefit or if you communicated the benefits of it efficiently. 

Ask for Employee Feedback

Finally, you want to ensure that the new employee benefits meet your team’s needs. Ask for feedback from those who are taking advantage of the new perks. Consider making tweaks to meet their needs better. You can distribute another survey or ask your team what they like and don’t like about the latest bonuses. 

We hope you’ve enjoyed these tips on effectively rolling out new employee benefits. If you’re wondering what benefits to offer your employees, our insurance brokers can walk you through attractive benefits that can offer a lot of value to your small business. 

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