4 Questions to Ask When Choosing Payroll Services for Small Businesses

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Learn more about how to select payroll services for small businesses.

Choosing payroll services for small businesses might seem like it is unimportant. After all, how many differences could there possibly be across providers? Unfortunately, all payroll service providers are not equal, and making the right choice can mean the difference between happy employees and an empty office. What are some of the questions that you should ask when choosing payroll services for small businesses?

Do They Offer More Than Just Payroll?

Some businesses want a one-stop shop for recruiting, HR, and payroll services. If that is what you are looking for, you should make sure to ask when interviewing prospective providers of payroll services for small businesses. At Malden Solutions, we offer many solutions for small and mid-sized businesses like yours. 

Do They Work in Your Industry?

Some businesses have unique payroll needs due to their industry, so working with a payroll services provider who understands your needs is important. There is a big difference between a company that solely works with large companies with full-time employees and one that is used to accommodate various employee types. 

How Do I Know That My Information Is Secure? 

Any time you are handling sensitive information, like bank account information and SSNs, it’s your responsibility to safeguard it. Part of that is making sure that you choose trustworthy payroll services for small businesses. Any company you partner with should have experience securing information and have a set plan already in place as to how they will protect your information and the information of your employees. 

What Payroll Services Do They Offer?

Payroll means a lot of different things to different businesses, as some companies have different needs than others. When choosing payroll services for small businesses, consider what features you need carefully. For example, you may require: 

  • Direct deposit
  • Auto-processing
  • Online pay stubs
  • Employee self-service portals
  • Time tracking
  • Mobile app integration
  • And more!

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