5 Reasons Businesses Should Offer Dental Insurance

5 Reasons Businesses Should Offer Dental Insurance

Many people will consider the benefits of a job before signing on. Here are five reasons dental insurance should be included in your company’s benefits.

One of the most interesting things about the current state of employee-employer relations is that the importance of job titles and office location seems to be taking a backseat to other factors like schedule flexibility and benefits packages. While some people will be swayed by just the salary of a position, most will look at the entire benefits package before deciding to take on a new role or move to a new company. This isn’t limited to the benefits standards of health and vision either. More and more employees are looking for workplaces that offer supplemental benefits (like identity theft protection for instance). If you really want to sweeten your benefits package, finding great dental insurance to offer to your employees is one of the best ways. While most people have increasing access to health insurance (which often includes a yearly vision check) in state marketplaces, dental is much harder to find, and really good dental coverage is even harder.  Read on for five reasons that businesses should add dental insurance to their benefits packages today.

Adding Dental Is Cheaper

First, consider that the cost of adding dental insurance to the other policies that you already offer is going to be much cheaper than the cost your employees would pay if they go the same insurance on their own. This means that it makes much more sense for you to buy it and offer it rather than to have employees purchase it on their own (most won’t because they won’t be able to afford it).

Adding Dental Can Decrease Other Costs

Additionally, when you add dental insurance it can sometimes decrease the costs of other insurance. This is because people who do not receive regular dental care often have related negative health impacts. Regular dental care is key in disease detection, so offering dental insurance is another way to ensure healthy employees (and limit the costs that get passed on to health insurers). 

Adding Dental Can Help Recruitment And Retention

Since most people want dental insurance, offering a really good plan is a great way to retain people (while they may be enticed by another job, they may stay rather than lose their insurance). It is also a good recruiting tool – most people will choose the job with the better benefits plan, even if it doesn’t pay quite as much. 

Dental Insurance Limits Sick Days

Skimping on dental care can lead to increased sick days, not just because employees may miss time with a tooth issue, but also because poor dental health can lead to other issues like infections. 

Employees Want It

And last but certainly not least – your employees want dental insurance. It will make them happier, healthier, and more productive if they have it. While you do of course have to consider the bottom line, if you can add this benefit without too much cost on your end, you definitely should.

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