4 Fantastic Recruitment Strategies

4 Fantastic Recruitment Strategies

Does your business have a recruitment strategy? Here are four fantastic recruitment strategies that you should use to your advantage.

What is a recruitment strategy? It’s an action plan to successfully recognize, appeal to, and hire the best candidates for your open positions. There are fundamental starting points to help you recruit and attract applicants best suited for your company. These methods range from posting available roles on job sites or using a recruiting agency. Here are four fantastic recruitment strategies that you should use to your advantage. 

Treat Candidates with the Same Respect as Customers 

Whether you prefer a phone screening, a video interview, or a face-to-face interview, a candidate’s first impression of your company is critical. You want to show anyone excited about interviewing for your company that you’re also enthusiastic about getting to know them. It’s best to treat candidates with the same respect as you would a customer by: 

  • Being respectful of their time and letting them know if you’re running behind for an interview
  • Being hospitable and offering candidates a refreshment or letting them know where the bathroom is when they arrive at your business
  • Let prospective employees know you are readily available to answer questions they have throughout the hiring process. 

Ensure That Your Job Description is Unforgettable 

The job description is one of the most vital recruitment strategies and should captivate job seekers. A few tips to think about when writing the job description include the following: 

  • Ensure that your job description appropriately names/defines what the candidate’s job role will be: The more accurate your title is, the higher the chance you have of recruiting the most qualified individuals for the job 
  • Start with a captivating summary: You only have a few seconds to capture a job seeker’s attention before they click away from the job posting. Therefore, you want to start strong and avoid dull language. 
  • Give a play-by-play of the role: Candidates need to be able to envision their day-to-day work life. You can help them do this by highlighting the essentials of their role. 
  • Explain what’s excellent about your culture: Employees care more about company culture and work-life balance than ever. According to Forbes, a Glassdoor survey showed that 77% of job seekers consider a company’s culture before applying. If you offer ample PTO or have incredible company values to brag about, you should highlight this.

Include Peers in the Interview Process 

Sometimes the best person to help with the interview process is someone already working in the same or similar role or who would at least collaborate with your potential employee often. 

This employee knows what it takes to thrive in this position and can verify whether a candidate’s skills and experience are valuable. Current employees can also give the job seeker a deep dive into what the role entails. 

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