Your #1 Defense Against Income Loss

Disability insurance replaces a portion of your income when an illness or injury keeps you out of work Or Disability insurance is designed to protect your income when life throws you a curveball.

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Why Disability Insurance?

What is your back up plan if your paycheck goes away?

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For a lot of people, it’s 🤞 ?

With expert advisors helping to make sure you find the right plan for your family and your budget, we make 🤞 isn’t your backup plan

Disability With Malden Solutions Is a No-Brainer

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What To Expect With Malden Solutions

Dedicated Service

Since 2004, it has been our mission to provide an unparalleled customer experience for employers and individuals as a full service insurance broker. We are passionate about providing dedicated services and connecting you with the quality coverage you need.

Top Rated Carriers

With a portfolio of top insurance carriers, our job is to find the best plan at the most affordable price.

Knowledgeable Advisors

Our expert advisors have the heart of a teacher. Not only do they help you choose the right coverage for your situation, but they educate you as to where each plan fits in to your family’s overall financial protection plan.

Rates Are At An All-Time Low

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